Security Glazing

Security Glass has been specifically designed and tested to be a low cost glass product that meets the needs of school security while eliminating the blast and bullet proof aspect of the product and thus the majority of the cost. Our glass is tested to withstand entry from someone who is armed with anything from a hammer to a gun. School Guard Glass products are not designed to keep someone out of a building for hours like 3 ½” blast rated glass could.  Our glass is designed to slow their progress so significantly that police and school administration have time to react.  This glass has the ability to stay in place and keep people outside whether they are using a gun or a hammer. See our website for the full story.

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Jeff Waggoner is the primary contact for: Special-Lite, Select Products, AMBICO, Omega Aluminum Frames, Security Glass

Jeff Waggoner, CSI

Peter Brenia is the primary contact for: Detex, Townsteel, Omega Aluminum Frames, Security Glass

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